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yuhuuu,.hadir lagi,..

Tidy nyaut,.
masih baru nehh :D

"titik lebih baik dari pada kosong :tuxout:"

Saya dapet e-mail ttng hal ini. Dari seseorang yang tinggal di NY.

From: "Iman


Who ever started this rumor is really looking for trouble. They should really do a research before they make a fool of them self.  It's really embarrassing - especially when an email are being circulated like this.  It's NOT TRUE.  These pictures were taken 3 years ago during the construction of the apple store in midtown.  The entrance to the building is a giant glass cube.  They need to cover the site while on constructions so people when get hurt.  The material they use is a construction
fabric (terpal) which happen to be black color.  You'll see this fabric everywhere at anyplace that have constructions.  It's a standard material and it's common.
The store was open in summer 2005 and the material is out . It's a beautiful store.

Here are two links of the store (photo) - you could see what's the result. See it to believe it.

Just to let you know - anytime there's an email circulated - especially asking people to forward email  to people you know.  IT's all MARKETING STRATEGY to collect peoples email for future use.
They collect as much emails and they will sell it to companies for lots of money for their campaign.
This is an easy way to trap people  and make mone y.
That's why i never pay attention to any forward mass email - because they trapped you  so they could soon send you lots of junk email to your email + you might get or sending virus to people.
Who ever respond to mass email like this - it's only helping these people to collect more emails to spam people & it works. It's the easy way to collect emails.  Common example - jokes & any news that will get people excited or angry, just like this email.

Did you ever wonder how do you get all these junk mails from people or company that you never heard of ??  This is how they get you.  Please spread these to people you know.  I have changed so many email account because my emails are nothing but junks. Only open and read email from people you know, otherwise you're in for trouble.

They wouldn't do anything like that - Islam is common in the US now.  The holidays are recognize by the Americans.


makaci yach tas info nya,..aku juga termakan isu kaya gtuan,.. :great:

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baru neehhhhh :D ,..smlikum,.. :great:http://

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